BetaGlue Technologies is a highly innovative company working in the Life Sciences sector.
The Company has developed BAT-90, a proprietary advanced radiotherapy platform for cancer treatment, targeting inoperable solid tumours .
BetaGlue enjoys the support of a highly qualified Scientific Advisory Board, as well as of leading national and international advisers, in the development of its solutions.

Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine

Therapeutic applications of nuclear medicine are still at their early stage, but have recently attracted a tremendous interest by big pharma players, as demonstrated by recent acquisitions in this sector. Once approved by healthcare authorities, radiotherapy solutions using radio-isotopes with curative intent are likely to be adopted as a first-line treatment and at a much earlier stage for specific cancers, potentially making them a standard approach in the therapeutic arsenal against cancer in the future.
The effectiveness / side-effect ratio of these treatments will contribute to their successful adoption. It is expected that, following the first marketing authorization for therapeutic nuclear medicine on high-incidence cancers (prostate and breast), interest from large multinational companies will rise, leading to stronger investments and M&A activities in this new field. Currently, Betaglue has under development treatments for primary hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), and has plans also for other diseases, such as lung and pancreatic cancer.
By overcoming the current limitations of conventional radiotherapy treatments, the global addressable market for BetaGlue Technologies could exceed $5 billion.

Main Milestones


  • Creation of BetaGlue Technologies
  • Panakès Partners and Innogest SGR invest €4.2 million in the company


  • Pre-clinical study on BAT-90’s effectiveness/security


  • New Scientific Advisory Board created
  • Multicenter study on lung biopsy complications (n=40)


  • ISO 10993-1 series for bio-compatibility of BAT-90


  • New Chairman of the Board


  • New Board of Directors
  • First patient dosed with BAT-90
  • Closing of a €10 million financing round

Technologies SpA

Legal headquarters:

Piazzetta Umberto Giordano, 4
20122 Milano, Italy

VAT number: 06496571214

REA MI-2502397

Paid-in capital: € 784.616

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