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PDAC has the worst outlook of any form of cancer in terms of progression-free and overall survival, and is the seventh most common cause of cancer related death worldwide. Around a quarter (27.5%) of PDAC patients present as locally advanced and borderline resectable[1].

The first-line treatment options in this setting are mainly systemic chemotherapy such as FOLFIRINOX (FFX, a four-drug cocktail) or Gemcitabine + Nab-Paclitaxel (GN) combination therapy. Median overall survival (mOS) is less than 18 months with either regimen[2], representing a population with high unmet medical need.

External beam radiotherapy (SBRT/PBRT) is rarely used due to the high risk of off-target damage resulting from the deep-seated location of the pancreas and internal organ movement.

ESMO international guidelines actively promote the development of new therapeutic options for this patient group. YntraDose is well placed to become the alternative treatment that is so urgently needed.